Spider Monkey Class Kids 4-11y/o

Bully Buster

Our main goal for our kids class is self-defense. Don't be the bully, bust the bully! We teach how to use verbal jiu-jitsu before physcical Jiu-jitsu!


Although we are not a SPORT jiu-jitsu school we do however like to go to compete sometimes just to test our selves!

Effective Teamwork, Discipline, Manners, and Respect are a must!

We maintain a strict code of conduct in all our classes and members. We do not teach violence, or profanity, and do not tolerate it in or outside of class!

Kids Classes

Additional Information


We have our spider monkey class on Mondays and Wednesday at 5:15-6:30 this class is beginners ages 4-8yo. It teaches our basic drills and games to facilitate the child to move on to our main class.

Our Tuesday and Thursday class 5:15-6:30 is our main class. This class is 4-11yo and requires the student to have a basic concept of our drills and games to be able to learn at an accelerated pace. We encourage those that attend the our beginner class should also attend our main class at least 2 times a month.


Bully Butser Demo

Check out this great video of our kids demonstration Relson Gracie Jiu-jitsu 

Full Demo

Check out this great video

Our Kids must Teach also!

Check out this great video of Nicolette teaching the trap and roll, Shark Bite technique!