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Instructors: Coach Jason Parsons & Kimberly Parsons

Professor Jason Parsons

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Primal MMA’s head instructor is Jason Parsons. He has over 33 years of Martial Arts experience and training. He is also the head Conditioning and Group Fitness instructor. He is a personal trainer at our neighboring Gym Southside Power and Fitness. He is childhood friends and Student of Primal MMA’s Previous Professor Michael Bentley. He has studied Gracie Jiu-jitsu Under Professor Bentley for the past 11 year and prior to that under Professor Jeremy Robertson. Jason obtained his blue belt under Professor Robertson in December 2009. He received his Purple belt under Professor Michael Bentley January 2015. He is also a student of the Gracie University, and ranked as a purple belt in the JJGF (Jiu-jitsu Global Federation.)  He is now under Grand Master Carlos Machado. Jason is the new head Professor and teaches the adult and teen Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Fundamental class, the Intermediate Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Class, The Muay Thai Fitness, and MMA Conditioning classes. He is The “Papa Bear” Instructor in the Kids Spider Monkeys Program.



Jason Parsons current Ranks and Certifications

Brazilian jiu jitsu - Purple 4th Degree Belt GJJF

Hapkido—Black Belt

Kodokan Judo - 2nd Degree Black Belt

American Freestyle Karate—4th Degree Black Belt


Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (NESTA)

Certified Sports Injury Specialist (NESTA)

Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist (NESTA)

Certified MMA Conditioning Coach (NESTA)

Certified Muay Thai Fitness Instructor (NESTA)

Certified Figure Training Specialist (NESTA)

Certified Underground Strength Coach (NESTA)

Certified Metabolic Conditioning Specialist (NESTA)

Certified Personal Fitness Chef (NESTA)

Degree Medical Laboratory Technology WPCC

Certified Medical Laboratory Technologist (ASCP)

BLS Certified AHA


Coach Kimberly Parsons



Kimberly Parsons (Ms Kim) (Coach Kim to most) is Primal MMA’s General Manager along with one of the Instructors. Coach Kim has 15 years of Martial Arts experience and training. She has been training Gracie Jiu-Jitsu under Coach Jason Parsons since 2014. She is the Head instructor of Primal's P.M.S Women's only self-defense program. She is the Lead instructor “Mama Bear” of our kids Program Spider Monkeys MMA. Her presence in all classes is noted with a sense of authority but also a loving nature. Ms Kim assist with all the classes that coach Jason teaches and takes care off all day to day operations here at Primal. If you have any questions she will have the answer or find a way to get it. Ms. Kim has experience in Judo, and holds a high Green/Brown belt in American Freestyle Karate. 



Kimberly Parsons current Ranks and Certifications

Brazilian jiu jitsu Jiu-jitsu— Blue Belt

Judo—Yellow Belt

American Freestyle Karate Green/Brown Belt

Sport Yoga Instructor (NESTA)

BLS Certified AHA

AAS Degree Medical Sonography CCTI

Registered in Medical Sonography by the ARDMS . 

Registered Vascular Sonographer by ARDMS

Certificate in Cardiovascular Sonography. 



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